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Driveways and Hardscaping

Curb appeal?  You bet.  But, up in the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire, it’s more likely “driveway appeal” that gives home buyers their first impression.  Driveways in New Hampshire are always a difficult proposition because of the seasonal environmental changes that we experience here.That’s why we believe that its not what’s on the surface that matters, its what’s underneath that counts.  Driveways that are constructed with attention to the substrate, drainage, driving pattern, pitch, materials, weather, and location are simply better.  And, that is how we build driveways.

On new or existing property, we take all of the above into consideration prior to lifting a finger, or backhoe.  The same is true for our hardscapes.  Building retaining walls, walkways, pools, rock formations, patios, etc. is a passion of ours, since they really enhance home ownership.  In some cases, the retaining walls are necessary, in some cases, the man-made waterfall into the reflection pool is a nice luxury.

In both cases, we are ready to assis.  Contact Us today to discuss your driveway and hardscape vision.